Flea Bites | Check Out These Home Remedies

Fleas bite are the small , discoloured bumps on the skin caused due to fleas sting or infection. Fleas are small vector insects. Vector insects are those which carry disease from animals to human beings. These are the carriers of diseases. They mostly lie on dead animals. They mostly bite on feet, legs or hands. Their bites can cause rashes, skin irritation, itching, redness or swelling and all this will be very painful. Always be attentive towards flea Bites because it can also cause disease to you. Treat these flea Bites at home in a natural way. Here are some natural methods to control the effect of flea Bites. Your pets can be carriers of fleas , if you see them scratching, itching then you should take them to a pet doctor. For flea control you can follow some pest treatments.

Home Remedies For Flea Bites:-

Firstly, we have to identify whether we have a flea bite or not. For this we have to see in the bitten area that it is swelled up, becoming red spots with halo, itching, hives because these are the symptoms of flea Bites. If you see these symptoms then you can apply home remedies for flea Bites otherwise not. There are many home remedies but we have the best ones. 

  1. Firstly, wrap an ice pack or frozen vegetables in a towel and apply it to relieve swelling . It will make your area swell up normally. 
  2. Next we can use aloe vera. For this we have to find aloe vera leaves. After that, make the paste from the leaves. This requires too much hard work but you have to do it to get relief from the bite. This paste will remove your mostly itching and swelling caused due to flea Bites. 
  3. Next we can use white hazel which is a plant herb. From white hazel we can prepare a medicine to apply on flea Bites. This bite will soak the swelling and reduce the itching. To make the medicine, we grind the leaves of white hazel and then make a paste from it which could be applied on the skin. 
  4. Next we can use alcohol which is somewhat acidic in nature. It can be used by applying some drops of it. These drops will react with fleas bites which are basic in nature and this reaction will neutralise from which salt and water will come out and your skin will become normal. 
  5. Next we can use vinegar, it is also very useful. Just mix it with water and apply the mixture on your flea Bites. This will also make you feel relax. 


There are many methods to get relief from fleas bites but the methods which are written above are the best because these are natural ways. They will not damage your skin. Other methods which include chemicals can harm your skin. So always use these methods if they are not working then consult a doctor. Hire the best & organic pest control today.